Monday, August 26, 2019
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The logo 'A Gift for Life' manifests support to organ donation. Bearing the logo, we express that we agree with the fundamental principles that underlie organ donation and transplantation: solidarity, selflessness, gratitude, and a non for profit intent.

A variety of logos represent organ donation. None has acquired enough popularity to be immediately recognizable worldwide. Fairtransplant decided to create a logo that could have an immediate visual link to the values of organ donation, and that would be easily available for use by anyone sharing the same values.


The logo will serve as a stimulus for discussion among families and friends, in schools and at work. It will contribute to create a positive atmosphere around organ donation and transplantation.

The logo was created complimentarily by Alberto Scotti - Twister - Milan, Italy, and can be downloaded at no cost on the present website. Anybody who downloads it agrees to use it within the context of organ donation and transplantation, and without a for profit intent. The person or organization downloading the logo must provide a short explanation of the intended use, and a valid contact address.

The logo was launched at the 7th European Day and 1st World day of organ donation and transplantation, that was held in Geneva on 14 October 2005, under the patronage of the Council of Europe and with the participation of the World Health Organization.

Two versions of the logo are available: a simpler one, representing a human figure and a heart symbolizing donation, generosity and hope, and a second one created on purpose for the 1st World day for organ donation and transplantation, with the addition of a globe symbolizing the international values of the Day.


Examples of supports where the logo can be used
As an adjunct to donor cards
international card support in organ donation and transplantation
Driving licenses
Plastic commercial cards
Posters of meetings