Monday, August 26, 2019
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Innovative virtual satellite event highlights global shortage in organ donation

On 5 October 2009, during the 5th World Day for Organ Donation and Transplantation in Berlin, an innovative view on transplantation worldwide was made possible by Fairtransplant, the World Health Organization, and transplant officials worldwide (press release).
The “virtual satellite view of transplantation” consisted of real time interviews across international time zones over the course of a single day. Leading surgeons, public health experts, government officials and organ donation association representatives reported on progress and discussed the challenges of increasing donations from deceased persons.

As well as drawing attention to the organ supply gap, the virtual satellite event highlighted recent progress in many countries to increase organ donations from deceased donors, improve access to transplantation and develop national self-sufficiency in service delivery. Notable examples included:
  • Oman, where, in 2008 more Omani people underwent transplantations, rather than going abroad for the procedure;
  • Canada, where the national system will be restructured to increase donation rates and promote social awareness of the benefits of donation from deceased persons;
  • India, where a vast federal programme to increase donation from deceased donors is announced, Jaipur is one of the places pioneering such donations;
  • Japan, where the law has been amended recently to remove obstacles to donations from deceased donors. This law will enable Japan to better meet patient's needs in transplantation.
The recordings of the interviews can be seen below. We apologise for the poor resolution of the some of them, due to the early experience with the recording programs. Next years’ virtual satellite will be hopefully of better technical quality.


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India (Jaipur)
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India (new Delhi)
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Oman Part 1
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Oman Part2
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South Africa
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Saudia Arabia


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