Monday, August 26, 2019
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For the general public

Where can I get information on organ donation?
Several websites are devoted to the problems concerning organ donation:
For Switzerland further information can be found on the website of Swisstransplant.
For other countries, most organ sharing organization have their own websites, and the websites of the World Health Organization and of The Transplantation Society are particularly informative.

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How are organs attributed?

The criteria to attribute organs are similar in many countries, but there are distinct features in each health system. There are medical criteria that are proper to each organ (blood group compatibility, immunological compatibility, weight and size match, age match) and other more general criteria that can be combined in scoring systems (e.g. duration on the waiting list, severity of the underlying disease). For Switzerland the details can be obtained at Swisstransplant.

What is the relationship between Fairtransplant and Swisstransplant, since some of its representatives belong to both?

Fairtransplant’s aim is to promote organ donation and transplantation. In this sense, it is normal that it shares its objectives and members with Swisstransplant, the organism responsible for donor procurement and organ allocation in Switzerland.

However, Fairtransplant’s mission does not include work with organs and patients, while on the other hand Fairtransplant is free to produce information/ support material, and to be concerned with initiatives intended to have an international impact. Conversely, Swisstransplant must limit itself to a national scale and cannot take up the responsibility for international initiatives.

For the specialist

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