Monday, August 26, 2019
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An optional logo on a credit card

Fairtransplant promotes the logo 'A Gift for Life' to manifest support to organ donation and transplantation. As a experimental initiative, Fairtransplant decided to allow a credit card to diffuse the logo, on the track of other examples associating a credit card to organizations, initiatives or associations of high moral value.

Illustration of the project

The logo 'A Gift for Life' is to be added as an option to a plastic credit cards to testify that the carrier supports organ donation. In the present project, it was decided to opt for a formula in which below the logo a sentence would appear asking the care-givers, in case of a fatal accident, to discuss organ donation with the family.

The reasons behind the project were the following
While the majority of the population is favourable to organ donation, only a minority owns a donor card and an even smaller number carries it regularly.
Plastic credit cards are ubiquitous, and are increasingly used to manifest support to a cause of high ethical value (e.g.WWF, UNICEF).
Even in countries with presumed consent, the advice/ support of the family is generally sought.
Family refusal often originates from the fact that the question had not been discussed previously with the deceased. Bearing of the logo expresses the support to organ donation, and the decision to add it to a plastic credit card is an occasion to address the issue within the family.
The firm Alberto Scotti - Twister - Milan, Italy, has graciously worked on the Logo. Cornèr Bank SA - one of the issuers of VISA credit cards in Switzerland, was chosen because of its previous association to similar initiatives (World Wildlife Fund: WWF).

Cornèr Bank SA offers it as an option on its VISA credit cards. The logo is freely available for download and participation of other countries/ organizations to similar initiatives is encouraged.